3rd International Symposium : “Hypersonic flight: from 100.000 to 400.000 ft”

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30-31 MAGGIO 2019

Research and Development (R&D) of adequate technologies allowing high speed atmospheric flight (Mach 5 and above) is progressing, although at a lower pace if compared to the more pronounced liveliness in space flight, which still remains conditioned by progress of the former for the delicate re-entry phase in the earth atmosphere. The advancement in the maturity level of enabling technologies for fielding iper-velocity future transport systems ... For further information, click here : http://www.romadue-broglio.eu/evento/3rd-international-symposium-on-hypersonic-flight/

In the approach to the symposium, the draft agenda anticipates the content and important issues being discussed during the two days event


The symposium is intended as an opportunity for all participants to hear directly from experts working in the field how close we are to making a dramatic leap into hypersonic transport. National and international stakeholders, from institutions, universities, industry, SME and research centers will exchange experiences, promote synergies and foster cooperation in furthering the development of hypersonic flight. Security and defense aspects and implications will also be dealt with by highly qualified speakers ..